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Foley Western


Foley Western is a writer of Thrillers with a romantic thread and has written a couple of children’s adventure books along the way.

About the Author

Foley Western, author of romantically themed thrillers, , has written her fair share of kid’s adventure books along the way. Western has a creative imagination, is an avid reader, and is an incurable romantic. She began her profession as a librarian but gradually turned to writing. Because of her passion for travel, Foley has a naturally piqued interest in people and locations, which has naturally inspired her to add similar events and places in her writings. She was quite involved in the Writers and Drama Society when she was younger during her days in university. After graduation, she worked briefly as an elementary school educator, teaching her how to cater to children’s imagination and love for stories. These are the things she loved, and they made it possible for her to write and use her imagination to enthrall her readers with her mind-blowing storylines and robust characters. Her forte is writing romance thrillers, and she knows how to execute her ideas flawlessly. Her love for thrillers is never-ending, and this is why she is so recognized for her work

About the Book

The story is about Agent Ginger, who has been given a mission to Ukraine by the Russian border as Agent Six, who was her successor, had been kidnapped there. Ginger learned about it while she had taken some time off. She feels guilty because it should have been her instead of Susan (Agent Six). Ginger had to get to the Ukraine borders soon as possible. If she didn’t hurry, she was afraid that they could lose the Agent indefinitely. According to the intelligence acquired, Ginger was aware that Petrov, who oversaw operations there, was a vicious character determined to kill as many operatives as possible. How could Susan have allowed being taken?

Nobody could have known the area better than Ginger. Both Susan’s patch and contacts were uniquely hers. Once upon a time, she faced threats. She was the only person more qualified to perform this rescue. Ginger was convinced that she had to leave.  She got ready to cross the border into Ukraine. Agent Six was in terrible danger in Russia across that border, and she may hold the key to SYNO’s future.



Wow, I was so drawn into the book! The storyline is amazing, and I loved that the protagonist was a kick-ass woman who knew how to complete her missions. Foley Western is well-versed in writing, and this is why I enjoyed the book so much. The protagonist goes through a lot of danger to retrieve Agent Six. She put her life on the line to rescue her. This book gives a message of bravery in such a brilliant way!

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Tracey Miller

This was definitely a treat to read! I loved the sense of danger that the book portrayed. It has the perfect twists and turns and was a rollercoaster ride. This was such an amazing story. Definitely unique. The trope definitely drew me in. I'm glad that I decided to purchase this book. It has been a good decision. The heroin carried out her missions with skill and determination. This book teaches us the importance of bravery.

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Steven Jacobs

3. The protagonist of this book was strong and disciplined when it came to her book. Her determination was unmatched. Foley Western takes you on a journey through hardship and harrowing circumstances to triumph. Agent Ginger takes us through the ups and downs of her mission. She didn't give up in the face of adversity, which teaches us that we can do anything we set our minds to.

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Mary-Jane Summers