Her Wild Side.

Tanya is a young educated woman who was bored with her life, and wanted some excitement. She reflected on what she had accomplished so far in her young life and wondered why she was so restless. There was an urgency within her; something in her that wanted to break free, leave her job, her home, and go exploring. The lure of possibilities, like the building heat of the morning sun, was almost too much to resist. The bird’s high pitched calls stirred something in Tanya’s soul, as she watched them soaring freely above her in the skies. She wanted their freedom! Tanya tries to survive and soar in a man’s world, will she be able to? She eventually seemed to have everything through hard work; that is until love sought her out in the form of the formidable Leonard Bruce, a superbly good-looking and accomplished man who completely turned her well-ordered life upside down, but was this what she wanted?