The Goat called Billy. Once upon a time in the bright valley there lived a goat called Billy, Billy was a very stubborn goat, he liked standing by the gate and anyone who came to the house had to be screened by Billy. If he didn’t like the visitor he bleated and tried to head butt you. If he liked you then he would walk with you to the front door of the house. He likes Leo though, Leo is the youngest child in the family where Billy lives. Sometimes Billy would let Leo climb on his back. Sometimes Leo tried to plait the hair on Billy’s neck. This usually got Billy bleating and trying to get Leo off of his back. This normally got Leo laughing as he slid off Billy’s back One day Billy went to the back garden of his house, where there was a cashew tree full of juicy fruits. Billy looked up at the juicy cashew fruit and wondered how he could reach some, he put his front legs up against the tree and tried to reach the lowest fruit, but he could not. He leaned his belly against the tree and tried to shake the tree but no juicy fruit fell from the tree. TO READ THE REST OF THIS STORY PLEASE PURCHASE THE NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK     “TO BE YOUNG” Foley Western Website Made with Xara Bassey and the naughty piglets. Bassey looks after lots of pigs and their piglets. One sunny day Bassey went to feed the pigs. The door to the piglets sty was not closed properly Bassey found that the little piglets had escaped from their sty. He fed the other pigs and then started to search for the piglets. He looked everywhere for them. He looked in the other pig sties, He looked in the chicken house, He looked in the goat house, But everywhere he looked he could not find the piglets. TO READ THE REST OF THIS STORY PLEASE PURCHASE THE CHILDREN’S BOOK     “TO BE YOUNG”
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