The Calliet & Calliet Publishing Company, LLC

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to write and publish engaging fictional novels and books targeted for readers of all ages; with a focus on African –Americans. Our books are designed to inspire, and entertain; all the while, encouraging its readers to develop confidence in the pursuit of their own dreams and goals.

Dolton M Calliet /CEO

‘Chance favors the prepared mind’

Company’s Overview

The Calliet & Calliet Publishing Company is a first-generation company established in 2019. The company’s ‘Mission’ is to “write and publish engaging fictional novels and books.”

The company’s ‘Theme’ is ‘One Great Story by Design.’

The company’s ‘Statement’; ‘Just True Determination.’

The nine points of light are:

  • 1) Speak your dreams to yourself; regularly repeat your goals and ideas to yourself. Never doubt yourself and they will become reality in the due course of time.
  • 2) Single handedly you must develop a personal commitment to yourself to accomplish your goals; you must regularly devote and dedicate your time and efforts to achieve those goals.
  • 3) You will see it in your mind before it happens or before it is manifested for others to see.
  • 4) Believe 100% in yourself and your dreams, goals and ideas. Never stop pursuing your dreams.
  • 5) Never doubt your chosen path and your future success.
  • 6) Always stay positive. Negative energy and negative people should always motivate you to push harder. Don’t let negative elements overwhelm you.
  • 7) Be prepared to receive your rewards.
  • 8) Walk in Faith no matter how long it appears to take.
  • 9) Chance favors the prepared mind.

The Calliet & Calliet Publishing Company idea was conceived in 1968 between myself and my older sister, Camella Ann Calliet. She was 17 and I was 11. We shared an idea of someday creating a company to write and publish stories about our childhood days and family struggles.

More times than not, life situations gets in the way and upset your plans. In this case, unfortunately, Camella prematurely passed from this level of consciousness ’LIFE’ as we know it. At the early age of 36, before making our joint idea a reality, she unexpectedly died.

However, our shared vision lived on inside me, her little brother. ‘One Great Story by Design’ is the company’s theme. The company’s vision plan is to publish a wide range of wonderfully unique and delightful children stories that address issues in daily life with characters that can be related to, and that children can see themselves in those characters. Our company strives to publish novels that are comprised of real life stories in many forms and fashions that shares entertaining life challenging lessons. The manuscripts are written with heartfelt and loving inspiration from Camella. Future generations of our family are encouraged to carry on our dream. We hoped to inspire children of all ages and of all ethnic backgrounds to never give up on their individual dreams. To achieve your dreams in life it requires Sacrifice, Devotion, and ‘Just True Determination’.

Queen Aurora Series

Mamacita’s Series

PALI Learn to Fly Storybook

Girls of Every Color is Beautiful

Dolton Calliet the author has written several illustrated children books the ‘Queen Aurora, Storybook Series,’ ‘Mamacita’s Zydeco Party in the Bayou,’ ‘Pali Learn to fly’ and ‘Girls of Every Color is Beautiful.’ Also, novels ‘Edge of Fiction’ A N’awlins Hurricane Katrine story that will be published in the near future.

Message from the Author/Publisher:

  • Luck comes in random and unexpected ways. Stay committed to what you believe and know that it doesn’t come easy.
  • Rejection can strangely be an endless motivation to success. The key is at some point the only way to success is to take chances, it frees you up to believe in yourself and make unpopular choices. It’s not for everyone. The losses are all etched together in your mind forever. If you want to trace a path to greatness start with defeat; find the value in your loss.
  • You must choose what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Everything else is someone else problem. Life isn’t always measured as a straight line. You will experience curbs, edges, peaks and valleys.
  • My life could’ve ended up different than it did. I made so many bad choices. I had so many friends who had real talent, more talent than me; but they never made it out. Those kids had no idea what they were capable of. That’s how talent gets wasted, how lives get thrown away. Those friends never knew how talented they were because no one ever told them. No one ever supported them, no one ever encouraged them. No one ever gave them a chance. I just got lucky my sister taught me to believe in my dreams, and in the secret 9 points of light; to pass it forward; so, no one is forgotten; so, no one is left alone.