Agent Ginger – Misguided




Is a thriller about a British female agent, code named Ginger.

Her agency SYNO in consultation with MI6 have just discovered that some rogue terrorists from Algiers were planning to abduct a very important personality at a summit meeting and rumours had it that it could be a senior government official .

This must not be allowed to happen.

More recently relations between the Islamic world and Great Britain had been improving. Such as the political situation is, thoughtful, even more so for a senior spy, such as Agent Ginger.

She contemplated how this would affect her mission. More importantly how she would go about stopping the terrorists amidst all the political correctness. She was fearful, because the plans of the terrorists included more than just the United Kingdom. How did the Algerians hope to succeed?

No one ever knew what to expect from terrorists. Would they actually attempt to destroy the summit meeting? Would they think better of their plans? Only the course of events would be a certainty. Her mission was to stop them, at the very least to alter their plans to include minimal damage.

Amanda Ainsworth better known as Agent Ginger was hopeful still, “If only I could go to Algiers tonight, perhaps I could make a start before they realise we know of their plans.