Agent Ginger – The Recall.




The story is about Agent Ginger, who has been given a mission to Ukraine by the Russian border as Agent Six, who was her successor, had been kidnapped there. Ginger learned about it while she had taken some time off. She feels guilty because it should have been her instead of Susan (Agent Six). Ginger had to get to the Ukraine borders soon as possible. If she didn’t hurry, she was afraid that they could lose the Agent indefinitely. According to the intelligence acquired, Ginger was aware that Petrov, who oversaw operations there, was a vicious character determined to kill as many operatives as possible. How could Susan have allowed being taken?

Nobody could have known the area better than Ginger. Both Susan’s patch and contacts were uniquely hers. Once upon a time, she faced threats. She was the only person more qualified to perform this rescue. Ginger was convinced that she had to leave. She got ready to cross the border into Ukraine. Agent Six was in terrible danger in Russia across that border, and she may hold the key to SYNO’s future.