The Twist in the Game




Holly wants a P.I licence so she can actually help the police alongside her fiancé Dan. Just because Holly is planning for a wedding doesn’t mean she’s completely out of the picture when it comes to intrigue and danger. Eric a new and very young client of Holly’s, who has suddenly become wealthy at a very young age after inventing an eBay-like website, brings new issues and complexity to Holly’s well-ordered life, wanting Holly’s services to decide how to invest his wealth and requesting a personal service, somehow rang a warning bell in Holly’s investigative mind. Worry some questions arise when a mother Holly hasn’t seen in over twenty years and assumed dead unexpectedly shows up, sporting a large sum of money and a story that wrenches at her heartstrings. Sparking new and sad memories of being raised by a single parent father after her mother abandoned the family. Tangled family ties, twisted intentions and misread cues are all promising a host of threats to Holly and Dan’s impending happiness. This is a follow on from “The game plan”, but highlighting a plot of international thieves and double agents working with terrorists.