Foley Western Website Made with Xara 75 Lilymeg Lane In a peaceful country village in the Cotswolds there was a little girl who lived in a most quaint cottage. Flowers of every description surrounded it, the front garden had the most beautiful roses and chrysanthemums. Everyone who passed by, always commented on how lovely the garden looked and smelled. Keisha was a very lucky little girl to live in such a pretty house. She never tired of smelling the roses and playing in the garden. One day as she got back from school, she saw a funny looking note on the foot mat just inside her door. What a funny looking note she said to herself as she put her bag down on the table in the hall. She called out for her mum but got no answer, so she took the note to the kitchen, got herself a glass of milk, sat down at the kitchen table and started to read the note. The note says; “Pleese help, I think I am at 75 Lilymeg Lane Pleese hurry.” Can you imagine Keisha’s surprise? She read the note again to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. It was definitely a child’s writing, a bit like her own actually. What was she to do? Someone was in trouble, she finished her milk quickly and ran to get her mobile phone, putting it in her pocket, she opened the door and ran out of the house not thinking it through. But remembering that Lilymeg lane was one of the roads she walked past on her way from school. Thank God she knew the road she thought to herself bent on saving the writer of the note. She walked for quite a while looking for number 75 once she got to Lilymeg lane. At last she came to the house, it was an old abandoned looking building, she tiptoed to the front door and looked in through the dusty window. On the floor was a little girl in pig tails tied up. Oh dear thought Keisha in dismay, there was someone really in trouble. How could she help her. TO READ THE REST OF THIS STORY PLEASE PURCHASE THE NEW CHIDREN’S BOOK     “TO BE YOUNG”
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