About the Author

Foley Western, who writes romantic suspense novels, has also written a few children’s adventure stories. She is a hopeless romantic and a voracious reader, endowed with a vivid imagination. She started off working as a librarian before eventually switching to writing. Foley’s love of travel has naturally stimulated her curiosity about people and places, and this has led her to include comparable events and localities in her writings.

When she was younger and still attending college, she was actively interested in the Writers and Drama Society. She worked as an elementary school teacher for a short time after graduating, which gave her the knowledge she needed to appeal to kids’ creativity and love of stories. These were the things she cherished, and they allowed her to write and use her creativity to captivate her readers with amazing plots and strong characters. Her specialty is writing romantic suspense novels, and she is skilled at carrying out her concepts perfectly. She will always have a passion for thrillers, which is why so many people adore her.