Agent Ginger – The Purple Stone.




Agent Ginger – The Purple Stone, is a spy thriller similar to the James Bond series and the Mission Impossible thrillers.

Her mission this time was troubling though; Brasilia, a place she was unfamiliar with but the situation is so dire to the British secret service that Ginger had to go to unfamiliar territory and face Lucas Rodriguez and Fernandez Schmidt, two hardened and ruthless criminals who specialized in luring and abducting young women via Rio De Janeiro.

Rodriguez and Schmidt operated under the guise of a respectable business, Filemone Limited; trading in Amethysts (The Purple Stone).

Ginger is to infiltrate this company and find out where the girls were being kept. This search took her to Amsterdam, South Africa and the dirty murky world of drug and weapon smuggling to the underworld across Europe.

Agent Ginger’s mission was to stop them and break up their supply network of innocent young women.

Would she be able to succeed? As she had to go into the thick jungle of the rain forest in South America and face so many dangers in order to break up the well organized criminal ring of Filemone Limited.

She understood that Rodriguez controlled the police in that part of the world and most of them were on his payroll but Ginger had to get Lorraine and the other women out and destroy their criminal organization.

She only had Clive and Syno (her organization) to rely on for backup in case she needed rescuing. But this mission had to be completed no matter the cost as the British Government were relying on her and her organization to succeed.