The Game Plan.




The Game Plan opens with a heated business meeting between UK executives at Ambratat, Ltd. about updating surveillance equipment (sparked by hate mail and threats) and moves quickly outside business circles to the crux of the matter: threats that move into bona fide murder attempts.There is a game plan; but it’s operating on all sides and much like a good game of chess, strategy is both key to success and obscure to its players. In order to have a game plan, one must know the game; and the elements of this particular game unfold in a tense thriller that will keep not only its players guessing, but its audience.As chapters reveal friendships, international business connections, complex love and sex arrangements, and a ghostly killer that keeps vanishing and re-appearing, Dan finds his life consumed by a nightmare that becomes increasingly complex and ominous.Kidnappings and attacks move from business circles to international political realms, investigative agents are lured into a dragnet of danger as Holly and Dan find their lives not just threatened but changed forever, and Jack’s struggle against time involves a host of perps and some unlikely forces, from a captured kidnapper to a dying man.As the focal point shifts to the Middle East, with Holly barely escaping disaster and Dan being held prisoner by converted Muslim Abdullah Hamza, readers are enveloped by a myriad of encounters, from business and political special interests to well-drawn protagonist concerns.What’s needed is a foolproof game plan that ultimately demands action and interaction at a level some of the protagonists have never experienced before. Their ability to pull off this final game will change not only their lives, but possibly the face of international alliances.The Game Plan is a well-drawn thriller that has its roots in business circles but rapidly expands to include elements of a solid investigative mystery filled with international intrigue and a dash of romance. One of its threads is the blossoming relationship between Holly and Dan, tested mightily by events that haunt them and threaten their lives.